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Hemingbrough Parish Council

Chairman:Mr R. Chilvers
Vice Chairman: Mr D. Bilton

Clerk to the Parish Council
Mrs Julie Leighton-Eshelby Tel: 01757 630077


Mr. D. Bilton Telephone 01757 638747
Mr. J Strelczenie Telephone 01757 630074
Mrs. S Strelczenie Telephone 01757 630074
Mr. M Senior Telephone 07850703713
Mrs. G Harrison Telephone 01757 638147
Mr. N. Pickering Telephone 01757 630240
Mr. K McCann Telephone 01757 638539
Mr. C Chilvers Telephone 01757 638131
Mr. E Kinsella Telephone 01757 638364
Mrs. S Bygraves Telephone 01757 630315
Mr. R Chilvers Telephone 01757 630354

Hemingbrough Parish Council meetings are held every third Thursday evening in the month at 7.30pm. The meeting place is the Institute, and because in general they are deemed to be public meetings, the public is always welcome to attend.
15 minutes are allowed at the commencement of every meeting, at which the public can speak directly to the elected members on any matter which they have a concern or an interest in, after which they are welcome to stay and listen to the Parish Council. The meetings usually close at approximately 9.30/10pm although there are exceptions when there is a very large agenda.

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